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ミ キ m i k i : )

ミ キ | miki the name, from malaysia → I am 17 turning 18 this september. I am very much a complicated person but that doesn't make me a bad one; just that I tend to take things the way people don't and that what makes me a little different from others. I'm friendly, but most people think I am not. get to know me, and you will see that I am indeed a nice person. I love drawing and it's been always my dream to be a mangaka but things aren't always go the way we want. there's so much thing I can still improve so I'd like to get to know people who can draw much much better than I do :) basically this journal would be a place for me to share my artwork. I'm learning Japanese, but my Japanese is still at the bottom D:

Everyone has painted a bridge of hope
within their hearts, among the darkness
If the rain stops, let's believe in the dream
that's hanging in the sky and walk ahead
Even if my voice dries as I continue screaming
I go on struggling, only I won't be repayed
That light that I'm about to obtain
but doesn't seem to reach me, is the answer
The rain drops that wet your cheeks
are one ray of light
you don't need to be afraid
Everyone lives among the frozen darkness
in order to see the rainbow
If the rain stops, let's believe in the dream
that's hanging in the sky, and walk ahead
Believe the dream only, and continue walking
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